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If you are struggling to find a way to raise your child in this imperfect world, you are not alone. So many of us are dancing in the dark. Our kids listen to music and watch TV that is peppered with violence, bad attitudes, anger, and hate. Then we wonder why our kids lash out at us or anyone around them. They act out in ways we don’t understand.

This is what they are taught. This is what they know. Kids are eating terrible food riddled with preservatives, dyes, toxins with no nutritional value. They then spend their days without any true compass to guide them because we the parents are at work. We believe we are doing what we can to insure a bright future, but are we?

All of this must change or the leaders of our future will be very angry and full of toxic waste! Now just take a moment to think about it… Frightening isn’t it.

It is time we take a stand. Make a difference and become accountable to our kids! What did you do last night with your family? The American family spends more time apart than ever today. We rush here and there, work late, and eat at different times. Watch TV nightly. Watch the NEWS (one of the most violent and hateful programming).

We are teaching our kids to live in the same rat race we do. Maybe we as adults and mentors need to change our mindsets so then our children will expect more, be able to contribute more. They believe what they hear. Kids spend a great deal of time at a very young age looking at life through our eyes. Maybe we need to take a look at the world through our kid’s eyes. What do they see, hear, taste and smell?

What are you going to do to make the world a kinder place?

You may be wondering where all this TRASH came from, anyway…

The creepy self-sabotaging beliefs and fears that sabotage you are the same ones that will inevitably sabotage our kids from reaching success come from a variety of different places:

  1. Hand-me-down beliefs from parents
  2. What we witnessed as a child
  3. Widely-held social or cultural beliefs
  4. Experiences gone wrong
  5. Beliefs and small-thinking that our friends and acquaintances hold as ‘truth’
  6. The media (movies, the news, TV, magazines, etc.)

This stuff is all around you and, I hate to say it, it’s really difficult to escape. Especially as a child, when we form most of our ideas around life.

Most people don’t even KNOW all this stuff is holding them back (even you). You may just think something’s wrong with you.

The thing is, if you knew how EASY it is to clear out those cobwebs and eliminate old thought processes and junk that’s holding you back from what’s rightfully yours, you’d be shocked.

Here’s how it works, in a very simplistic way:

Thoughts → Feelings → Actions → RESULTS

Every thought you have creates a feeling within you that dictates each of your actions. Then, each action creates a particular result in your life. So, every limiting thought, or even just one, creates a negative feeling, which prevents you from taking action on an opportunity, which then dictates your results.

It’s depressing! Unless, you know what to do to change it all, and at the same time, create a beautiful life, the one you’ve always dreamed about for you and your kids.


I’ll give you a BIG HINT here: It’s not about “The Secret” or simply the “Law of Attraction.” It’s about all the emotional baggage, the deep wounds you still carry around, and all the unresolved resentments and feelings that hold you back.

That’s what’s stopping you? Take a look around. You have options and opportunities to make a difference.

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