It is no easy task to parent pregnant teens-by Anita Agrawal

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The role of the parent is difficult and fraught with emotions. When a teenage daughter suddenly announcing she is going to have a baby the whole family routine suddenly changes overnight. It definitely is not something parents would like to hear but when it happens one has to face the inevitable. According to facts and figures about one million teenage girls are pregnant each year.

The parent of such a child needs assistance and guidance to support the pregnant teen through the months of travail in front of her. So the first thing is that the parents must stoically accept the situation and come to face it without playing the blame game. The crisis has to be faced.

Initially the first reaction of the parent is a feeling of guilt. Perhaps they should have done something more to protect their child. Many parents feel awkward and shy to talk about the embarrassment with others – family, friends and neighbors. Some are of course happy at the prospect of becoming grandparents especially if the daughter is in her late teens and ready for a mature relationship.

Whatever the emotions are, there is no doubt it is a very critical time for the entire family. The basic point is that the pregnant teen needs the support of the parents more than ever before. Thus pushing back ones own emotions firmly the parents have to extend a supporting shoulder to the daughter.

If the pregnant teenager gets this support and affection from her parents her chances of having a healthy baby are better; her own health too will suffer less. She must be made to realize that she is not without help on this unintended journey.

The parents have to discipline and put on hold their own turbulent emotions not for themselves but for the welfare of their pregnant teen and future grandchild. However it is a difficult task that is easy to advice but difficult to practice.

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