"It Get's Better"

October 14th, 2010 | Posted in Mind+Body+Soul by

It is about being a leader for Kids. Creating a Legacy4Kids we can all be proud of as human beings. We are all one. One energy and one nation. If you know a bully, extend him or her the gift of tolerance and understanding. Point out the wrong and try your best to creat a right!  If you are being bullied, remember it will indeed get better. You are not alone. You are special, you are important to this world.

We are all gifts to this world. Remember what you do today you will remember and be remembered for tomorrow. Lead by example with Love, Honor, Courage and Grace. We owe this lesson to all of our kids, regardless whether they are gay, straight, tall, fat, odd or just different. This is what makes us human. Our differences are what make us so special. Please teach your kids to live their lives with the attributes of love, honor, courage and grace. Remember, to create a Legacy 4  Kids!  It is our duty as adults or parents and it is our obligation and  blessing to create a world we are proud of to raise our children in. Don’t tollerate a bully, make a change in their life. Demand they change and contribute to this life they are sharing with all of us in a positive way.

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