Would You Qualify?

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Parents Needed, only those qualified need apply: 


Daily physical care of the child. This care may change at various stages. At all ages this care will include providing:

• Well-balanced, nutritional meals and assurance that the child eats sufficiently to meet his/her growth needs.

• Clothing and footware appropriate for the season and occasion.

• Shelter that is safe and comfortable.

• Medical care: preventive with annual check-ups and immunizations; responsive when the child is sick.

• Assurance that the child is receiving sufficient sleep to remain healthy and responsive.

• Toileting issues in infancy and toddlerhood. (Frequent, responsive diapering until the child is toilet trained. Assistance and support until toilet training is mastered).

• Nurturing responsibilities include encouragement, comforting, consistency, establishment of a sense of security, dependability, playing, counseling, and loving.

• Discipline issues include understanding and setting appropriate limits for age, consistency of expectations and responses, self-management of anger, being a good example.

• Education issues include providing a traditional education through a school or in the home. Non-academic education includes teaching independent life skills (dressing, hygiene, decision-making, social skills, physical fitness and sports, manners, and responsibility) that are appropriate at each age.

• Moral guidance includes teaching right from wrong and enforcing rules. Monitoring child’s activities to assure they are appropriate, including previewing and at times censoring reading material, television, computer games, movies, and friends. Providing clear and consistent limits for behavior that are age appropriate and that respond to the individual child’s maturity level.

• Spiritual guidance includes instilling in the child a sense of hope and well-being.

• Other responsibilities include: chauffeur, social director, scheduler, advocate, and manager.

Time requirements:

• 24 hours a day, seven days a week until the child can make it on his/her own

• No vacation time

• No sick leave

• Time off only when a suitable substitute has been found                          

Qualifications include:

• Sense of humor

• High self-esteem

• Selflessness

• Emotional maturity

• Financial security

• Dependable support system

• Energetic, trust in judgment

• General understanding of the needs of children

• Diplomatic

• Consistent

• Dependable

• Loving

• Able to make an 18+ year commitment


• Unconditional love of a child

• The knowledge that you are guiding a child to become a healthy, happy, productive member of society


• Love

• Satisfaction of a job well-done

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