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6 Tips to ESCAPE the Cycle of Teen Pregnancy

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

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The Reality – It about more than teens!

Monday, June 13th, 2011

Teen Childbearing Cost Taxpayers $10.9 Billion

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Teen Childbearing Cost Taxpayers $10.9 Billion –

original post: The National Campaign to Prevent teen and Unplanned Pregnancy

Teen childbearing in the United States cost taxpayers (federal, state, and local) at least $10.9 billion in 2008, according to an updated analysis released today by The National Campaign.  State costs in 2008 ranged from $16 million in North Dakota to $1.2 billion in Texas.

These public sector costs would have been considerably higher had it not been for the one-third decline in the U.S. teen birth rate between 1991 and 2008.  The estimated national savings to taxpayers in 2008 alone due to the substantial decline in the teen birth rate between 1991 and 2008 is $8.4 billion—ranging from $3.4 million in Wyoming to $1.4 billion in California.

“Reducing teen pregnancy not only improves the well-being of children, youth, and families, it saves taxpayer dollars,” said Sarah Brown, CEO of The National Campaign to Prevent teen and Unplanned Pregnancy.  “At a time when policymakers and others are intensely focused on cost-saving measures, funding proven efforts to reduce teen pregnancy is important, timely, and should be a high priority.”

The new analysis updates research originally conducted by Saul Hoffman, Ph.D. of the University of Delaware and released by The National Campaign in 2006.  The new analysis provides a conservative estimate of the costs of teen childbearing and is based on the increased risk of adverse consequences faced by teen mothers, fathers, and their children as compared to mothers having children at ages 20-21, controlling for many other factors.

Please visit for more information about the public costs of teen childbearing, including a one-page summary of the data, state-specific fact sheets and press releases for all 50 states the District of Columbia, ideas for how to use the data in your community, ideas on what policymakers can do, and a recorded webinar explaining the data.

An Introduction to our radio show "Parenting Your Pregnant Teen"

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011


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What Is Your Legacy? Have You Thought About It? Good enough to re-post!

Monday, June 6th, 2011

Now, I don’t mean just your financial contribution …What I mean is what will your kids, grandkids and so-on remember you for? What did you do to make a difference in this world? Their world. We know that at this time is very different than how our parents lived and VERY different than the environment our Grandparents lived in…Our kids will be saying the same thing to their kids I am sure. What can we do to leave a lasting impression and a great watermark on our family as our own legacy? The way I see it, our personal watermark is our legacy. Not everybody can leave a billion dollars to our kids and their offspring like Bill Gates or, but we can leave a great amount of knowledge, values and the ability to make a difference in this ever changing world, one that is changing at warp speed may I add…

It is time to build a foundation again. One that our family, our kids and their kids and so on can live by. Perhaps this is the code…the family code. The code that gives our kids a place to belong, instead of someplace else. For instance, a gang. This is why kids join gangs- to belong…to have direction! The family unit has gone to hell in this country. Kids are looking for direction and have absolutely none at home. Think about it. For years the family demanded their offspring to continue their “brand” or their Personal Watermark. Now, kids are making it up as they go along…with little or no direction, so now they are looking for somebody to give it to them. This means gangs, or organizations that validate what they know, which is NOTHING… It is steeped in desperation.

It is time for us to step up and stop leaving our responsibilities to somebody else. Stop allowing our kids to be lost, without direction or a Personal Watermark. We as individuals used to be proud of our heritage…now our kids don’t even know what that means….

It is true, many of us will buck our family values and insist we know better at about the age of 14, however, if we as parents and adults give our kids the foundation and direction (our family or Personal Watermark) they will inevitably return to it after they go out and flail for a period of time. This is nature.

It is proven that the first 3 years is the most important in a child’s life for the legacy (Personal Watermark) imprint…We all need guidance and influence. What are you doing to influence the most important people in your life?

Your purpose dictates your influence on others as well as your own life. Your Personal Watermark is your legacy. How will you develop your Personal Watermark? What will your kids say about you? What will they feel about themselves?