How Does One Accept The Verdict of NOT GUILTY?

July 6th, 2011 | Posted in love+life by

I personally am shocked and horrified that this women is going to be free. She is
a menace to society and a bunch of other things I prefer not to say on a public
blog. She is nothing more than a human stain!

I have no idea how to explain this one! It is a tough one!

I am a grandmother raising my gorgeous innocent granddaughter because her biological parents
were unable to give her a life she deserved. She was born to a couple unexpectedly
and they had no idea how to take care of themselves much less an innocent child.
I find it extremely hard to believe that the grandparents of Caylee Anthony did
not step in and take over given the fact her mother was unable to differentiate
fact from fiction from such a young age. WTF? If they were so close to the
child, why the hell didn’t they see it coming? Why didn’t they say something if Caylee was missing for more than a few days, never mind a MONTH. I will tell you one thing. If my daughter went missing for more than 24 hours and my in-laws or my mother did not know where she was, I would of had hell to pay. Not to mention the fact these days a parent must let others know where their children are at at all times just in case…something happens to the parent. The child needs a back up plan. This is where my good friend Darlynn Morgan comes in. More on her on my Expert page. Every good parent needs to have a close freind or family member know where your child is as all times. It is a saftey plan. A MANDITORY ONE!

Where or who is Caylees father? Where are his parents? I missed this info. Was it
ever made public. I know the defense tried to pin it on her brother Lee, but it
seems that had no merit either.

As a matter of fact the whole damn story seems to be a bunch of crap. No wonder
the jury came back with a not guilty verdict. The case was full of half truths,
bitter pain and rubbage. How does one come up with a “without a
doubt” when the entire case was full of chaos and doubt.

I personally know what it feels to be lied to and betrayed by someone close to
you such as your own child. However, if she ever came close to being a threat
to my little granddaughter, there is no way in HELL I would cover it up or lie
about it.

Life always has a way of catching up with us. Casey Anthony will pay her dues. It is
her destiny to be behind bars. A bit like OJ Simpson. She, just like him will be
desperate for the spotlight again. She will lie to the wrong person next time. We will eventually see her rot there.
Hopefully it will be before she gives birth to another innocent child that will
have her legacy to deal with!

Yep, I am pissed off! I’m ranting…



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