Powerful Girl Program, the free recording

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Our Crises Prevention expert Jill Hope created this program. Though the call has passed, you can still sign up for the free recording. It is packed with helpful content. Here is the direct link to sign up for the call: Powerful Girl Program.

Learn more by reading the post below!


Have you been wishing your daughter was more comfortable in her own skin? Have you been wishing she would stop trying
to suppress who she really is just to fit in with other girls? Have you been wishing she would stop clinging to just one or two girls who may be friends with her one day, and exclude her the next, leaving her out on her own?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, it’s time you do something about it!

Let me share with you what I know about strengthening a girl’s sense of knowing that she is good and worthy just as she is, building a foundation for increased confidence, and helping her create loving and supportive friendships with girls who appreciate her just as she is.

Every time I hear parents struggling with the issues their daughters are dealing with, it breaks my heart because there are some very simple steps you can take right away to help your daughter begin to change her experience. Every time I recommend these steps and my clients follow through, they are amazed by how simple and effective these techniques really are! That’s why I’m sharing this with you now — because I want you to know what I know to be possible for you and your daughter, and how easy it
really can be (when you know what to do).

Here’s the reality: The situation isn’t going to change by itself.

Isn’t it about time you stopped wishing for change, and instead took responsibility right now for creating the change you desire to see for your daughter? Then, I invite you to join me on a special complimentary teleseminar…


“Secrets of the Powerful Girl
Within:  Building Confidence,
Self-Acceptance, and Inner Strength in Girls”

with Jill Hope

Tuesday, September 13, 2011 at 9pm Eastern / 8pm Central / 6pm Pacific

Lines are
filling up quickly….reserve yours now
Click Here.


On this complimentary 30-minute call you’ll learn…

The  qualities that confident girls have in common (and that many girls today  lack)

  • A  powerful yet simple exercise to help your daughter build  self-appreciation and confidence
  • The  one secret weapon every girl possesses to change her situation, but few  are aware of
  • What  every parent MUST do to support and cultivate strong self-esteem in her daughter
  • The role self-responsibility plays in helping girls feel confident and empowered, even during challenges.
  • Exciting  details on my brand new “Powerful Girl Within Program” which will lay out for you, step-by-step,
    how to build a foundation that will help your daughter cultivate the confidence, self-acceptance, and inner strength that will to allow her to  fully express herself and be accepted by her peers
  • This truly is a call for anyone responsible for raising, influencing, or  supporting girls. There really is no better time than NOW, at the start of the school year, to use my simple secrets that will help your daughter gain the confidence and self-assuredness she needs to create authentic friendships and express the fullness of who she is.

    Take the first step toward improving this situation today. Reserve your spot here

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    1. Keith says:

      well it’s a two way situation here, a lot of girls are statirng to become thinner because of a minor eating disorder because the media keeps putting out the phrase thin is in’ like in the 60 s. but on the same note, there are way to many fast food places in america with unhealthy fattening food that makes many women in america obese. the manufacturers have made larger clothing sizes for stores to sell because of the growing weight in america but may have to start producing smaller clothing too. I think it would be a stupid idea to sell anything less then an xtra small because you’re just promoting that thin is in. they should sell normal sized clothes, with the exeption of a few plus sizes because sometimes people can’t help that they are obese.

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