I Never Considered My Teen Daughter Would Get Pregnant

November 30th, 2011 | Posted in love+life, Pregnant Teen by

Not My Daughter

“As parents of a young girl that we have loved, nurtured and protected to the very best of our abilities we never thought that an uplanned pregnancy was ever going to be an issue in our family. Our daughter is well behaved, she gets good grades and has never been in trouble. Where did we go wrong”?

This is the statement 90% of my clients say when they reach out to me for help. Of course we as parents never thought or wanted our kids to get in trouble or face a crises pregnancy.

If you have learned of a pregnancy, it is simply too late to prevent it or deny it. It is time to face the issue and find out the next steps that works for your daughter and the family.  If you are concerned about behavioural issues with your teen and think you may have time to prevent a crises, then by all means lets get to work. Either way it is really difficult for parents to deal with these issues without guilt, fear or anger on their own.

The way the world looks to a young girl today is very different than it looked to us growing up. This is a simple FACT. It is hard for us as parents to communicate to our kids because now more than ever because we speak different languages and we see consequenses differently.

Thanks to the media, TV and advertising there is nothing that is inappropriate or that cannot be fixed with a simple pill or purchase of a fix all product. When a young girl grows up with these messages it is next to impossible to point out dangers or circumstances that we as parents see as obvious.

Take some steps today to learn warning signs and positive communication skills to open dialog with your daughter without causing her to feel you are invading her privacy or accusing her of inappropriate behavoir.

To learn how, simply fill out the box enter your email address and you will be on your way to a free, private consultation with me. All completely confidential!


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