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From the moment we are born and through around fifth grade we consider our mothers be the most magical person in the universe. She can fix everything. She makes us feel better with a simple smile or graceful hug. She can say the simplest thing to make all the hurt go away. Her very smell or voice can change our attitude from tears to giggles. We cry when she leaves and anticipate her arrival.


One day we realize she isn’t what she said she was. NOPE, she is human like every other mother out there! She’s been lying! Now, you are angry and you question each thing she says…Why should I do that? What for? I don’t feel like it. Well, you said you would make it to my swim meet, but you didn’t! Why should I do what you say? Why should I believe that you will pick me up after school?  I’ll just go home with Sarah, her mom always picks her up on time.

No, I don’t want to cut my hair like that, I want to look like Sarah’s mom, not like you! I don’t want to wear that anymore, I want to wear…

Sound familiar? Yes, the day we as moms fall from grace. The day our little ones realize we are not super heroes, but just ordinary women. It’s a rough day, but a day we will all face in some way or another. No worries my dear, it won’t last forever.

So what do we a mom’s do to make this easier. How do we stoop it? Well, there are a few ways:

  1. When she is small, admit when you have made a mistake. Own up to it and appoligize for the blunder. This shows her early on you are human and still lovable.
  2. When someone else makes a mistake talk about it and how it could have been done better or with less chaos or …
  3. When she fails at something or forgets to do something, simply remind her that we all make mistakes, you still love her and you expect her to do better next time.

With these few rules, she will feel trust for you from the very beginning. Communication is still the key ingredient to ensure a less chaotic teenager/parent relationship.

One day your precious little girl will again come back, hopefully before she makes you a grandmother. This is usually the shoe in. Once she is a mother herself, she will finally understand your message and your story.

Make way for this transition, and do not take it personal. It will happen to some degree. Be strong, be calm and most of all give yourself a big hug. Your princess is NORMAL and you are a good mom.

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