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Please Meet Brene Brown – I know you will relate to her message!

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

Brene’s message is a great one for mothers/daughters worldwide. Her explanation is not a “WOO-Woo” one but simply factual and direct. Please watch her TED presentation. It is an enlightening and comical experience!

a declaration of deserving: by Danielle LaPorte

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

You are worthy of your desires. Really wanting what you want gives you the power to get it. You were born free. (The more you try to earn your freedom, the more trapped you become.) You are worthy of love and respect. Lovable.

You deserve
: eye contact
: smiles in the morning
: food made with pure intention
: clean drinking water, fresh air
: Hello, Please, Thank you.
: time to think about it
: a chance to show them what you’re made of
: a second chance
: an education
: health care, including dental
: multiple orgasms
: weekends and the summer off
: 8 hours of sleep
: play before work
: to change your mind
: to say no
: to say yes
: to have your deepest needs met
: to be seen
: to be loved for what is seen.

You deserve all this just because you showed up.
Yep, you’re that monumental.