Please Meet Brene Brown – I know you will relate to her message!

July 18th, 2012 | Posted in Mind+Body+Soul, Mind+Body+Soul by

Brene’s message is a great one for mothers/daughters worldwide. Her explanation is not a “WOO-Woo” one but simply factual and direct. Please watch her TED presentation. It is an enlightening and comical experience!

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One Response to “Please Meet Brene Brown – I know you will relate to her message!”

  1. Fern Weis says:

    A gifted, and humorous, speaker with an inspiring message. She connects all the dots around shame, vulnerability and feeling connected (or not).

    Pay attention to the part about numbing vulnerability and hard emotions. This is especially important for parents of teens. Our children are growing up in a time when feeling bad is not okay. Many of them don’t know how to cope with sadness, pain and disappointment, so they numb those emotions with all sorts of self-destructive behaviors (substance abuse, cutting, eating disorders and the like).

    I will definitely be sharing this with the parents I work with. Kelly, thank you for sharing it with us.

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