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Pain, Sorrow and Gratitude

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

Over these past few days I have seen two innocent children taken from their parents at Yosemite National park in a tragedy beyond comprehension. I have watched one of my affiliates and mentors witness  her healthy, happy 20 year old daughter suffer two heart attacks last Friday for no apparent reason and then lose her last night.  I have stood by as one of my closest friends fight one of the biggest fights of her life after so many other life altering issues over the past three years. Ouch. Too much pain, too much sorrow.

While all of this peril is happening…I am being blessed by a grandson who is due to be born to my daughter Kasey any day now.

My angel Veyah is here by my side. She is my light and my joy.  I wake up and go to sleep so grateful for she, her birth mother/ my daughter Kasey,  a little half brother we will welcome any day now and her best friend Amanda by her side without pause. The situation is not perfect by any means, but I am reminded how blessed we all are and how much love there is in our world.

I must give back. I am compelled to spread my joy and drown out the pain in others.

I am reminded life is not supposed to be perfect or without complications. It is simply a gift learned and then returned to the next one in line.

Bless those who are experiencing unimaginable pain, anguish and loss. It is simply not fair at this moment in time.

Have Mother, Will Travel Authors Claire and Mia Fontaine

Friday, August 17th, 2012


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Claire and Mia Fontaine, bestselling authors and sought-after speakers, share their own mother/daughter ups and downs with insight, courage, and a giant dose of humor. Following on the heals of their acclaimed first book, COME BACK, their latest memoir, HAVE MOTHER, WILL TRAVEL chronicles their trip around the world together. Filled with adventures, aggravation, and unexpected joys, their journey opens a brand new state of being that enriches both of their lives.


If you’re a mother (or if you just like adventure), you’ll want to be certain to catch this very special broadcast.

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Giant Burritos and Vacant Stares

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

This is my version of fast food…Today I was in one of my favorite Mexican restaurants enjoying fish tacos and a Corona. My little break from my computer and phone is a great joy in the middle of the day. I try to get myself out there in the land of real people and connect.

As you know I am an avid foodie and a huge fan of eating right. I do not like fast food and I try to convince my readers and peeps to avoid feeding it to themselves as well as their kids. This is the closest I get…

During this little jaunt I noticed a woman and her little girl sitting at the table next to me. The woman was very much over weight as was the 5-6 year old girl sitting with her. Neither seemed to be happy. Mom was texting on her phone while the little girl just stared vacantly into the space behind her . When the server delivered the food, I was astonished at the enormous size of the portions. They had ordered burritos with extra everything. Not one but two!

As the two started to eat the mother got increasingly angry at her daughter and started to reprimand her for not eating all of her food. At one point she yelled at her ” I paid good money for this lunch and you are going to finish it!”  Now mind you, this burrito was the size of a Nerf football. HUGE! I would of split it between 3 people.

The little girl started to cry and tried to explain she wasn’t hungry anymore.  The mother would not hear it. As the little girl sat there I heard her say “I’m sorry Mom, I will finish it.”

I was in tears. This to me made me physically ill. I knew if I stepped in the little girl would get a lot of grief later after I left. I also knew that by me reporting the incident  the little one would simply be on a list because CPS would not consider this behavior life threatening. However, I DO!

Others around us were pretending not to notice.

I wanted to yell and scream at that woman who was literally poisoning her child. I wanted to smash that damn burrito directly into her face and run with the child to keep her safe from her mothers ignorance.

I didn’t. I simply looked directly into the mothers eyes as I left the restaurant. I doubt she noticed. If she did, she wouldn’t know why this behavior would leave me cold.

What would you have done. I cannot get this out of my mind!