Pain, Sorrow and Gratitude

August 22nd, 2012 | Posted in Life + Love by

Over these past few days I have seen two innocent children taken from their parents at Yosemite National park in a tragedy beyond comprehension. I have watched one of my affiliates and mentors witness  her healthy, happy 20 year old daughter suffer two heart attacks last Friday for no apparent reason and then lose her last night.  I have stood by as one of my closest friends fight one of the biggest fights of her life after so many other life altering issues over the past three years. Ouch. Too much pain, too much sorrow.

While all of this peril is happening…I am being blessed by a grandson who is due to be born to my daughter Kasey any day now.

My angel Veyah is here by my side. She is my light and my joy.  I wake up and go to sleep so grateful for she, her birth mother/ my daughter Kasey,  a little half brother we will welcome any day now and her best friend Amanda by her side without pause. The situation is not perfect by any means, but I am reminded how blessed we all are and how much love there is in our world.

I must give back. I am compelled to spread my joy and drown out the pain in others.

I am reminded life is not supposed to be perfect or without complications. It is simply a gift learned and then returned to the next one in line.

Bless those who are experiencing unimaginable pain, anguish and loss. It is simply not fair at this moment in time.

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