My Daughter and I Don’t Connect Anymore.

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Are you concerned about your daughter’s self-esteem? Do you worry that she may not be happy? Has she shut down lately?Is communication getting more difficult? Are you wishing you still felt the connection with her as you did before she hit her tween/teen years?

If you answered yes to even one of these questions,  you are not alone…We have all worried about our girls.

The best way to  help our young girls is to help YOU. We as parents can be very hard on ourselves. We never feel like we have done enough. There simply isn’t enough time to fit it all in. One day we look up and our little girl is 13! Where did all the time go? Now we have damage control to look forward to…

Do these thoughts sound familiar?

“Why isn’t my daughter like hers, her daughter is always happy. She grabs the world by the tail. She gets good grades. Shes never in trouble. They have a great relationship. They do everything together. They can laugh, joke and shop without getting into it. What is going on with my daughter.”

As a mom, your personal mind set is your key – your magic wand…YES, I did write that. See, we all have mind chatter. Lots of it. Most of it we don’t even consciously realize that we are listening to it – constantly. What is yours saying?

Here is a list of sample sabotaging thoughts that have been randomly inhabiting your brains:

  • Sometimes, if you’re really honest with yourself, you may feel you are not “enough” as a parent.
  • You often use excuses, usually about time and money for not taking advantage of opportunities that are right in front of you.
  • You sometimes operate from a fear mentality.
  • You regularly focus on what’s lacking in your life, rather than on what you want.
  • You most always stop yourself in the “belief” process.
  • You allow fear of rejection and failure to get in the way of taking action.
  • You look at your existing situation instead of focusing on your dream.
  • Deep down, you may feel you don’t deserve abundance and success on a grand scale(whether you know this consciously or not)
  • You may be putting too much focus on the negative influence in your surroundings especially the news media or what others around you are saying.
  • You look at what others around you are doing to set your own benchmarks
  • You don’t listen to your intuition as much as you should.
  • You sometimes back away from uncomfortable situations that represent opportunities for growth
  • You aim way too low
  • You aren’t willing to speak the truth about your hidden behaviors
  • You numb yourself or stay too busy or scattered to fully receive your inner guidance
  • You don’t realize how your beliefs are creating your reality
  • You are afraid to take big risks
  • You are not clear enough on your own life purpose
  • You don’t always have enough confidence in yourself
  • You don’t take enough personal responsibility for your results, sometimes blaming certain circumstances or situations for what your don’t have yet
  • You’re afraid of investing in yourself for fear of losing money
  • You don’t always trust yourself to make the right decision, so no decision often feels like the better option.
  • You get frozen in your fears and stop taking action, even when the reward is right around the corner
  • You may be embarrassed or have shame about certain aspects of yourself or your life and that stops you from seeing yourself as being worthy of having it all and being a great parent.
  • You don’t believe in miracles, at least not long enough to let them into your life
  • You don’t fully believe you can actually achieve the massive success that others have
  • You believe in metaphysics but somehow have trouble manifesting the life you always wanted

If any of these seem to ring true to you and your feelings about yourself, I guarantee your daughter has picked up on it and she is rehashing it and putting it into her daily mind chatter to herself. STOP it before it’s too late! Only you have the power. Only you have the wand.

In the coming weeks I will be offering some great tools to get past these blocks and bringing you some amazing experts on this subject.

If this has been one of your true issues and you have any questions you would like to ask please feel free to email me personally at You will receive a response within 24 hours to your question from yours truly!

Believe in excellence and smile at yourself each morning. You are your kids treasure!




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