Peace, Beauty, Dreams and Hot Messes

September 29th, 2012 | Posted in Mind+Body+Soul by


Each time I find myself in a circumstance I never intended to be in…

I wonder, how the hell did this happen?

Well I must tell you;

I believe in the power of mindful love

mindful living and self care.

I know I asked for it…somewhere along the line I asked for this dilemma. What is it teaching me? In other words, whats in it for me? Sound familiar?

I love life. I enjoy people most of the time. But I still enjoy my free time. Just to look at the dark sky full of stars and contemplate.

I am here to serve. To help, to make a difference. Why is it so hard? People are all going through life at their own pace. I must constantly remind myself of this. I am simply here to remind others of this absolute fact. We are all one. We all are here to help one another. I am here to create a channel of communication.

How about you, what are you here to do?


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