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Britney Spears on Good Morning America

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

I just watched this beautiful girl dance (gyrate) and sing the most insipid non-inspiring songs and get huge applause. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want my little girl to admire a young woman who sings songs with the lyrics “I can be your treble if you can be my base…make it bigger, make it bigger”! All while inviting both men and women to her crotch on stage.

She is a beautiful girl. There is no denying that. But is is obvious to me she is still hurt and wounded. Far from being ready to take the stage again. I was terribly disappointed in the performance. I thought it was vulgar and inept.

Come on everybody. I know she has been through a lot, but this is not what we want our young girls to be aspiring to! I thought during her absence in the spotlight she was getting her life back and re-branding herself. Becoming a young women who can prove to others who have made mistakes that you can grow up and be someone to look up to and inspire young women to make a change as well.

Good God, this woman is a MOM! What do you suppose her young ones will grow up to be like. I hope not their Mommy!

Did you get a chance to watch it? What did you think? Would you allow your kids to attend a Britney Spears concert or performance?